Ann Winston Brown

I believe in the love of painting, stepping up to the canvas, not knowing the outcome is my greatest challenge.

I use painting and printmaking as a medium to translate impressions, emotions and memories into a visual format. My mixed media work explores a variety of technique, primarily texture, which is influenced by my background as a textile designer.

I develop my work without preconceptions, letting the paintings and prints take form from a mixture of inner-outer dialogue, observations and chance discoveries.

My work is about striving for future knowledge, continually experimenting both conceptually and technically. The work is as much about the materials as it is about ideas. Using materials ranging from oil, acrylics, gesso, sand and collage elements, I build layer upon layer of visual information. Certain parts become obscured by later applications others bleed through from under paintings forming the mixed media work.

I draw on a store of conscious, unconscious, fragmented and complete visual experiences. Once abstracted, many of these impressions merge into a vocabulary of color, form, line and texture, which repel and attract, overlap and intertwine.

There is an intriguing thematic diversity in my work each bearing individual characteristics yet all supported by a convincing harmony of style. There is imbedded in my paintings a perceptual and emotional challenge, which is left for the viewer to discover. In the end it is the mysterious that I love in painting. It is the stillness and the silence. I want my work to posses, to bewitch, to take the viewer on a journey of discovery. I want my art to take effect very slowly, to possess, to bewitch, to take the viewer on a journey of discovery.

13 Shore Rd.
Edgewater, New Jersey 07020
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