Hilda Epner

Before devoting herself full-time to her artwork, Hilda Epner taught art, literature and creative writing at Pearl River Schools and was faculty advisor for The Tenth Muse, the high school literary/art magazine. She received an MA in Fine Arts and Education from Columbia University and studied with Hugh Mesibov and Sam Feinstein of the Hans Hoffman school of painting.
Hilda loves color. She loves seeing “something” in her random brush strokes. After the canvas is covered she starts constructing a composition. It’s different for each painting. To be sure that she has finished a painting, she watches it for days and then decides to continue or let it rest. She uses many different tools for effects: putty knives, small paint rollers, sponges. She stomps the canvas up and down, blows on the paint and throws the paint to achieve the effects that best express the moment. Most important, it is the discovery of the other self that is within her and that if she didn’t paint, she would never know it existed.

Visit Hilda's Website: http://www.hildaepner.com
Email Hilda at: epnerartist26@gmail.com