Jacqueline Fiore

Artist Statement:

“The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke”-Jerzy Kosinski

“My intent is for my art to elicit a conversation with the viewer. My canvases capture moments of daily life that are often forgotten, ignored or too painful to remember, such as loneliness or feelings of isolation. Vivid colors, strong brushstrokes and edgy lines elevate these moments into what could be defined as beautiful confrontations that invite the viewer to face these feelings in himself.”

-Jacqueline Fiore

For 36 years as an educator, I taught and integrated all forms of the arts into my curriculum. I was a part of the startup team for the first alternative high school in N.Y.C. (E. A. R. West Side H.S.) and I helped to give that school its unique character by creating many partnerships with museums and cultural centers.
This includes the opportunity I and my students had to work with the New York Metropolitan Opera, and Phillip Glass in his production of Satyagraha.
As a result, my students and I created our own operetta. For one student, Carven Lissaint, who was involved not only in the performance but also in the writing of the operetta, this changed his life. He went on to earn his doctorate in Drama and is presently playing the role of George Washington on Broadway in the play Hamilton.
My works has been exhibited in juried shows and won awards, first place at the WHOA annual fine art show. My paintings are in private collections and part of the Rockland County Government, Veterans Administration collection.

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