Sharon Klass

Sharon Klass is a painter, photographer and mixed media artist. She has a BA in Art from Stony Brook University and a MA in Art Education from College of New Rochelle. She taught at Pearl River High School for over 30 years, where she experimented in a variety of media and continued producing her own artwork. She is currently working as an artist full-time.
"When asked to compare my life as a painter to my life as a photographer, I can honestly say that it is frequently easier to paint an image than to photograph it. I visualize the image in exactly the same way, and yet when making the photograph I have to be just as vigilant, patient, and persistent in order to get the right weather, light, time of day, season, and position in order to make the image. There is no easy way out. Photography is art, plain and simple, when it is in the hands of an artist. The camera is the brush and the printer is the canvas. I am told that my photographs look like paintings. I believe that is because I see each photograph as a work of art in just the same way as I see each painting I create as a work of art. An artist is first and foremost a communicator and I am trying to communicate my experience, my feelings and my sense of place to you."

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